4 Bells.

Minnesota's award-winning seafood house.

The sound of a bell rung 4 times is a long-standing signal to sailors that it’s time for a break. That same sense of relief is now available for those of us landlocked in Minnesota. 4 Bells is the place to gather and get lost in an intoxicating mix of food, drink and charm.

The menu brings guests the freshest seafood in Minnesota, dock to dish. We overnight directly from the coasts and utilize local fish from Minnesota's 10,000 rivers and lakes. Our award-winning homegrown Chefs apply passion and innovative techniques to offer unique culinary experiences. The dining experience is formal yet festive, with neighborhood charm, rooftop views and a variety of spaces to suit the occasion and mood.

Listen, did you just hear the fourth bell?



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Two-Offerings, One-company


4 Bells was created by the same team that created the award-winning restaurant Butcher & the Boar. This Minneapolis favorite started in 2012, with a simple idea. Create a festive and communal dining experience with American craft food, bourbon and beer. Sample chef-crafted meats, handmade sausages, charcuterie and sides. Bathe in an afterglow of pastry desserts and cocktails.

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